Liquid Band-Aid

Have you ever felt lost?

Not meaning physically lost, like when your GPS is taking you through an unknown path and all you keep hearing is, “ rerouting–rerouting.”

But mentally lost? The kind of lost you feel in 11th grade when teachers are asking you if you’ve thought about where you’re going to college and you can’t even figure out if you’re going to get a burrito or a bowl at Chipotle.

If you’re my age, a 90’s baby, you could still feel lost, even after college and landing your dream career. I often think that it’s our mind trying to test us, maybe push us, to do more. To jump off that hamster wheel of comfort and structure and find another route.

I’ve spent long sleepless nights thinking, “what do I do now?” See, I’ve always loved music. Growing up in the midwest to immigrant parents, my mother would blare her Mexican music to let me know that Saturday morning was cleaning time.

While I hated it then, I realized when I found my own love for music that music should make you feel something, and if it doesn’t, then you’re not listening. I’ve followed bands/musicians, and I’ve met fans of those artists who are now some of my best friends from all walks of earth and literally from all over the world. And they all share my same passion.

See, when someone loves something so much, outsiders view them as crazy, obsessive, or sometimes as groupies. If you’ve never watched “Almost Famous,” you should, because when Penny Lane says, “Groupies sleep with rock stars because they want to be near someone famous. We’re here because of the music. ‘We are Band Aids,” I felt it and I understood exactly what she meant.

Have you ever scraped your knee up pretty bad? I mean, chances are we’ve all have some gnarly scar story. We can relate to even the simplest paper cut, but I’m talking about the times you’ve had to involve a band-aid.

It’s all fun and games until there’s blood.

We have so many options for band aids: cloth, waterproof and the liquid kind. We all generally know which kind will last enough to contain the blood until it clots.

The cloth variety, which does a good job at holding on until you form a scab, the kind that while it claims to be waterproof will fall off at the sight of water or the true MVP if you can handle the burn, the liquid.

That’s how I can describe fans of music. We have the cloth group of people who are true to the underground, no label, no nonsense fans and while they hold on enough to help a band/artist get a name, they eventually start to let go once they are considered “mainstream” or “sell-outs” and they jump ship.

We have the waterproof fans, those bandwagon fans who jump when the time is good but eventually fall off and find a new wave to follow.

Then, there’s the liquid ones. The ones that were there at the hole-in-the-wall shows. Who cheered when you signed your 1st record deal when you really started to make it.

We burned on to your cuts and helped protect you when no one understood your vision. Even after self doubt, you might have tried to scrape us off, but pieces of us still clung on. That’s who most artists die to have. That cult-like following. That no matter what, we will always be there.

That’s who I am. Which one are you?

No matter which one you relate to, I won’t judge you, because being a fan at all is good, regardless if you leave or if you stay.

It’s just connecting with it in the first place that matters. With this blog, I’m going to bring it all to you. I want to give exposure to upcoming artists trying to make their own wave, but also bringing you the latest of what everyone’s listening and vibing with.

Mainstream or underground, it will all be here.