Loogey, Swallow or Spit it Out.

Photo Via Michael Porter Photography

What is a “Loogey”?

Most people might think it’s that glob of snot that you produce when trying to clear your nose, often being such a big mass your only options are: swallow, or spit it out.

Which is exactly what “Loogey,” an independent local rapper from Kansas City advises, in his song “Fake” from his recent released album, Jaded. You either get him, or you don’t.

Upon first glance one might not view him as what a “typical” rapper looks like. Adorned with a mustache, Jeffrey Dahmer styled glasses, and tattoos.


Photo Via Michael Porter Photograhphy 

Loogey, looks more like the lead singer to an Indie Rock band. But this writer knows better than to judge a book by its cover.

Loogey, isn’t your “typical” rapper for a reason. His vocals are strong, clear, and precise. He flows from singing into rapping seamlessly. His topics range from fake friends/people, women, drugs, and Kansas City. 

Loogey’s soulful sound, mixed with his recent erie music video for his song “I’m Ready,” from his recent album, Jaded. Is haunting, yet his melodic voice keeps you at ease. His chorus goes back and forth debating the topic, “if hes ready”: “For all the love and all the hate.” He ends it by belting out his strong vocals, letting us know he indeed is ready for it all.

His previous 2016 album Fleet Hood Mac has tracks like “I-35” which pays homage to the highway that runs through Kansas city. In this album he blends elements of Hip-Hop, R&B, with some Rock undertones.

It’s difficult to pick a favorite track from either albums. This artist knows how to create a flawless track list. A vibe for anyone, any mood.

Which might be why he calls himself, “Vibe God”.

Loogey is a force to be reckoned with, his sound is breaking the mold of the local rappers coming out of KC.

Check him out on  http://www.loogeymusic.com/