Foyone, The Spanish Lizard King

After a trip abroad to Mexico City, last year. I was introduced to the music of an artist, by the name of Pedro Navarro better known as “Foyone” pronounced Foh-Yo-neh .

Foyone, was a local graffiti artist from Málaga, Spain. Who, after some run-ins with the law. Fell into music as another creative outlet. Foyone, mainly raps in Spanish, with an occasional English slang word thrown into the mix.

Foyone, gained a strong following after posting a YouTube series, Rap sin Corte or Rap Without Cut filmed by his friend Gharuda. Where, he stares into the lens, raps, and records in one shot. 

With over 4 million views on his most popular video, “Rap sin Corte VII” from the series #RapSinCorte.

His catchy hook of, “hola humanos, estas hablando con el reptiliano,” which translates to: “Hello humans, you’re speaking with the reptilian.” A cult favorite by his reptilian followers. It’s not hard to see why, one becomes captivated by his flow.

Foyone has a raw, hardcore, underground sound. His music is a reflection of the topics he’s into: the notion that we live among humanoid reptilians, government corruption, science fiction, conspiracy theories, and quantum mechanics.

Foyone’s intense—lyricism makes you question everything around you, while also getting you to dissect his hidden messages.

If you’re uncultured, wondering if you’re hearing a lisp. It’s not a speech defect, but the accent of many who live in Spain.

Foyone’s most recent work, Rico Sin Denuncia or Rich Without Complaints dropped in late October. It features a 14 song tracklist which features, (Kase-O, Ajax, Prok, N-Wise and Akapellah) and is produced entirely by Sceno, a native from Spain. Who is also responsible for Foyone’s cover art to his previous 2015 record, La Jaula De Oro or The Golden Cage.

In Rico Sin Denuncio we can hear Foyone’s humor, his song “Aviso Materna” or “Maternal Advice” where he mimic’s his mother, yelling at him for his use of vulgar words in his music. He goes back and forth, explaining to her that it’s just his form of expression.

Foyone, discusses our millennial generation’s loneliness, in “Robotico Generacion” or “Robotic Generation.” He describes how we can have personal relationships with people, without ever having any physical interaction. Only connecting via wifi, robots making coffee, and only seeing the world through LED’s.

He speaks on his hunger to be rich without complaints in “Rico Sin Denuncia.” Explaining that Málaga—where he’s from, it’s hard to not fall into a life of drugs and crime, when that is all the lingers in his city.

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His natural-born leadership is no question, with over 92.k followers on Instagram. Foyone, is the Spanish lizard king.

Even if one might not be fluent in his language. Foyone, serves up catchy hooks, alongside his robust voice, that flows deep into the beat. You’ll find yourself bobbing your head, to his old-school flow.

If one merely peels back the human flesh of Pedro Navarro, to find the scaly skin of Foyone. Uncovering his hidden messages in his lyrics. You also, might start to hail the lizard king.

This album is worth the listen to anyone regardless of language barriers. Check out the full album here.

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Check out my top favorites from the album below:

#3 Aviso Maternal/ Maternal Advice

#5 Atracó Del ’97/The Heist of ’97

#7 Robotico Generacion/ Robotic Generation

#8 Idolos Plastico/ Plastic Idols

#10 El Dia Del Chuleton/ The Day Of Ribeye

#13 Rico Sin Denuncia/ Rich Without Complaints

#14 Ciudad Del Vicio/ City Of Vice

Check out this video with English subtitles