Up Next Kansas City at The Roxy


The 4th edition of the, “Next Up” showcase presented by Mr. Perfect, began on a Wednesday night at The Roxy Bar.

The original, Roxy Bar was an entertainment venue located in Overland park at 7230 W. 75th Street, with history dating back to the early 1970’s. The building owners ended up selling that property to a company to build a new microhospital.

The new “Roxy” is now located at 13410 W 62nd Terrace Shawnee, KS.



The evening started with DJ 9Eleven—a dope local female DJ from KCMO. She spun various chart topping hip-hop hit’s to set the mood right for the nights performances.

Host for the night was, Dose of Tha— The Hassan Assassin, a local hip-hop artist, A&R, and beat-maker. Tha, announced the various aspiring local MC’s, (TOOTONE 1700, Jawdin, JAntho CHO, JBE, SWAGG GO GBAM, Daykoo, Peyton Mikail,) who took turns on stage performing to a small crowd.

After a couple accidental mic drops, and some chaotic performances. The Roxy proved to be a great environment for local music acts, ranging from amateur to the more seasoned to have a space to perform.

One local artist in particular, stood out among the nights local acts.

DayKoo— a local rapper from KC, rocking a dapper-styled haircut and a stylish camo jacket. DayKoo moved around the stage methodically, he called up a couple of girls who came up on stage and danced a long to his “Champagne Bottles” song. DayKoo has a sound similar to that of Mac Miller, which proved to be an accurate description when speaking to him after his performance.

So tell me about yourself?

Well, my name is DayKoo—birth name David Kojeski.

David Ohjeski?  


Kojeski? He repeats himself as there’s still loud music being played and we’re backed in a small corner of the bar.

Yeah, Kojeski. I’m Polish.

Ok, cool. So are you local? 

I am, I’m from Kansas, City originally. Shout out to Kansas City.

How long have you been doing music?

Since 2010.

What music do you have out right now?

I have a mixtape coming out its called, “Thoughts From A Journal,” You can look up two of the songs I’ve released on soundcloud or YouTube, called “Champagne Bottles”, and “Made it.”

Is this your first time performing?

No, actually back in 2010. I was with a group called, Roode Music and we did about 10 shows. I’ve done three shows solo since then, so this will be my fourth solo show.

What/who influences your music?

My main influences would be Mac Miller, G-Eazy, Childish Gambino, definitely a more lyrical vibe to my stuff, but I still like to every once in a while throw a party song in there.

Where can people find you?

Soundcloud, I’m gonna be on Apple Music, Spotify, trying to take it global as soon as possible. DayWhoo is my instagram, DayKoo on facebook, and snapchat DayWhoo.

Check out photo gallery here


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