Paul Wall, The People’s Champ brought H-Town swag to Kansas City


Thursday night, Paul Wall made a visit to Kansas City’s—Riot Room.

Wall—The People’s Champ—Slab God had people leaning and rocking with his classic chopped and screwed H- Town sound.

Paul Wall—Da Ice Man had a mouth full of diamonds, and his set threw us back to 2005—Where he started out blowing waves from the “norf” to the “souf” in Houston, TX.

Wall, started the night with “I’m Throwed” then asked the crowd, “Who Dranking?” when he switched to “I’m on Patron” shouting out Kansas City’s own Tech N9ne afterwards.


Paul Wall carried the night with various Swisha House jams like “Still Tippin,”and “In Luv With My Money.” The Po Up Poet — Wall performed crowd pleasing “Sitting Sidways,” and “Grillz” where he smiled and exposed his own diamond grill to the crowd.


The night ended by Wall letting the crowd know his album, “Bounce Backs Over Setbacks” comes out tomorrow.

The syrup sipping, candy paint, slab riding lifestyle was brought to life on stage at the Riot Room. The venue made for a very intimate show.

While the height of Wall’s career was in the 2000’s make no mistake that Paul Wall, still has the same swag and energy in his performance that he did back then. Only difference is, Wall is now a leaner—no pun intended, version of himself. Paul Wall still remains to be the people’s champ.

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