Lil Xan left Kansas fans with a sense of Déjà Vu last night at the Granada

One might be confused as to how someone with the name Lil Xan, could be promoting an anti-Xanax agenda. Lil Xan’s name stems from his previous addiction to Xanax, a popular drug frequently used in the hip-hop world. Xan, has since made a very public commitment to stop using the drug and helping advocate the dangers of abusing it.

Diego Leanos— aka Lil Xan, the 21-year-old rapper from Redlands, California spotlights his own personal addiction with Xanax on his breakthrough single “Betrayed.”

Xans don’t make you,

Xans gon’ take you,

Xans gon’ fake you,

Xans gon’ betray you,


On Tuesday night, the Total Xanarchy Tour made a stop in Lawrence, KS at the Granada.


$teven Cannon, a member of the Xanarchy crew was one of the supporting acts. Cannon had a very confident stage presence to follow his trap-like sound. Shirtless, he performed a crowd favorite “Inxanity” and seamlessly hyped the venue up.


After a couple DJ spins of popular chart-topping hits. Lil Xan walked out, decorated with face tattoos, a white hoodie and pink beanie, he started his set off with “Been Bout It.”

The crowd raged to his popular hits like, “Wake Up” and “Sling Shot” but died off to new unreleased songs.

One was “Tick Tock” in which Xan, repeated the phrase, tick-tock over and over again. It was met with many blank gazes after the second loop of repetitive words. Lil Xan’s music often repeats a catchy hook, followed with banging beats. “Tick Tock” didn’t seem to be a hit with the crowd, possibly because it was too new, or simply too repetitive.

Xan’s grill fell out a couple times, he threw Skittles on fans, requested pink lighting be shined on him, and asked the crowd to pose for a Polaroid.

The entourage of people on stage, was often a distraction to his performance. It’s one move, that can really put a strain on an artists stage presence. There were several pauses in his set, in which Xan wished Happy Birthday to $teven Cannon.

He also tried to fuse more energy into the crowd, by putting the left and right side, into competition, on who the loudest was.



Lil Xan carried around a blue teddy bear, that he eventually tossed out into the crowd. Even though he’s covered in face tattoos and old enough to drink, for some strange reason he seems to give out a heart-throb, boy-band vibe for many of his teenage-girl-fans. He finished the night by performing “Betrayed.” The somber, anti-Xanax anthem was a heavy hitter for the crowd, as they loudly, chanted the lyrics.

After his final performance he was met with encore chants. Lil Xan, quickly made his way back on stage and performed “Betrayed” for a second time.

It led to a déjà vu moment, and a lot of confused fans. Many expressed they were upset on the repetitive performance, of a song he had just finished his show with.

It was a rookie mistake, but when you have less than 20 songs, you should know an encore probably isn’t a good idea.

Especially, when your only options are to recycle material. Lil Xan has the hype, the catchy songs, and many loyal, adoring-mostly-teenage-girl fans. He’s still very green to the performance aspect.

Many of his shows on this tour were sold out, but this show was shockingly, not. Regardless, Lil Xan still managed to bring a crowd, even if it ended on a sour note.

Check out footage from the show here

Setlist (approximate; please leave changes in the comments):

Been Bout It

Tick Tock

Wake Up

No love

Who Are You


Crash the whip






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