Denzel Curry hailing all the way from Carol City, Florida. Made a stop in Lawrence, KS for a show on 4/20. Even though previously announcing in late March that he would be taking a break from music.

His style could be categorized as “cloud” rap. Much like many other rappers are labeled when they don’t fit the mold. His wild, weird, fast paced flow makes it hard to box him in.

Denzel Curry is a fireball of energy on stage. He performed a 30 minute set with hits like, “Sumo, and “Ultimate.”

The crowd erupted in an encore chant that led Curry to end his show with, “This Life.”

Check out this video, where I recap how the night went :



Setlist (approximate; please leave changes in the comments):


  1. Babylon. Ekali ft. Denzel Curry
  2. Gook
  3. N64 
  4. ULT 
  5. Threatz
  6. Flying Nimbus
  7.  Zone 3
  8. Narcotics
  9. Hate Government 
  10. Equalizer
  11. Switch It Up
  12. No Pen No Pad
  13. Black Metal Terrorist
  14. Ultimate 
  15. Sumo
  16. This Life

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