Up Next Kansas City at The Roxy

PHOTO BY IMWITHDABAND The 4th edition of the, “Next Up” showcase presented by Mr. Perfect, began on a Wednesday night at The Roxy Bar. The original, Roxy Bar was an entertainment venue located in Overland park at 7230 W. 75th Street, with history dating back to the early 1970’s. The building owners ended up selling that […]

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Rap Asylum XI

Its a Wednesday night and I’m entering a coffeehouse in Westport, alone. I find people enjoying their cup of joe, conversing or looking at their laptops. I can feel the vibrations of music coming from below. This coffee shop has more to offer, than just espresso. Behind the barista and through a hallway. You open a […]

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Foyone, The Spanish Lizard King

After a trip abroad to Mexico City, last year. I was introduced to the music of an artist, by the name of Pedro Navarro better known as “Foyone” pronounced Foh-Yo-neh . Foyone, was a local graffiti artist from Málaga, Spain. Who, after some run-ins with the law. Fell into music as another creative outlet. Foyone, […]

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Loogey, Swallow or Spit it Out.

Photo Via Michael Porter Photography What is a “Loogey”? Most people might think it’s that glob of snot that you produce when trying to clear your nose, often being such a big mass your only options are: swallow, or spit it out. Which is exactly what “Loogey,” an independent local rapper from Kansas City advises, in […]

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Liquid Band-Aid

Have you ever felt lost? Not meaning physically lost, like when your GPS is taking you through an unknown path and all you keep hearing is, “ rerouting–rerouting.” But mentally lost? The kind of lost you feel in 11th grade when teachers are asking you if you’ve thought about where you’re going to college and […]

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